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Treatments—Integrative and Holistic Cardiology

by Dr. Rashmi Gulati

If you are diagnosed with a heart condition, our experienced, and highly-trained, expert team will be there to help you throughout your healing process—as well as going forward, to optimize your long-term health.

Holistic cardiology does not interrupt or replace your regular treatment. It only enhances the process by integrating leading advances in Western medicine with the wisdom embodied in traditional medicine. Because our team of medical physicians has a depth of knowledge in both conventional and complementary medicine, Patients Medical is better positioned to monitor the whole person and the whole process.

At Patients Medical we have developed a three-pronged approach to heart disease treatment. Our primary focus is to identify and treat the underlying antecedents, triggers, and causes of cardiovascular disease.

  1. First and foremost we spend time with the patient to make sure they have not been misdiagnosed. This begins the process of treating the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—and not just the disease. We take more time with the individual than most physicians, in order to determine and provide the necessary testing to ensure that the patient is properly diagnosed and that an individualized program is created for their treatment.
  2. The second prong of our heart disease solution is treatment with hyperbaric oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) infuses the body with oxygen, increasing levels by up to 1000% in body tissues, depending upon the chamber settings. The increased oxygen levels in blood and plasma oxygenate tissues that have been starved of oxygen, inducing such healing processes as the proliferation of fibroblasts and increased angiogenesis. Fibroblasts are progenitor cells that promote connective tissue growth, and angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels. This method of improving oxygenation and healing processes supports a reduction in the damage suffered in heart disease and possible healing of damaged tissues.
    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers further benefits for the cardiac patient's recovery. It increases oxygen intake, for building collateral circulation. Because the hyperbaric chamber pressurizes the atmosphere, it acts as a detoxifier as well. Treatment gently forces oxygen into the tissues through pressurization, which in turn forces toxins, chemicals, and other unwanted impurities out. Because the heart's primary function is to supply oxygenated blood to the whole body, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an invaluable adjunct.
  3. The third prong of our heart disease solution is to treat each person as an individual with a distinct treatment requirement. Our physicians will create a customized regimen after thorough discussion and examination of all your symptoms and concerns. Such complementary modalities as chelation therapy, heart Plaquex therapy, and supplements to improve systemic function may be considered as appropriate adjuncts to your comprehensive heart treatment protocol. With the help of our integrative health and preventive cardiology program, you will be able to hasten your healing process and prevent further damage.

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Date of Publication: 09/05/2005
Article Last Updated: 08/07/2014