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Patients Medical Now Recruiting for Stem Cell Clinical Trial Participants
The New York Stem Cell Treatment Center (NYSCTC) at Patients Medical is accepting applications for patients who would like to participate in their IRB approved clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of adult adipose-derived autologous stem cells with a variety of medical conditions, as well as physicians who are interested in being part of the NYSCTC team.

Patients Medical Welcomes Dr. L. Deanna Howard, Holistic Gynecologist
Patients Medical, a leading integrative medical center in New York, announced L. Deanna Howard, MD as its newest holistic gynecologist and expert resource in feminine wellness. Dr. Howard provides an extensive knowledge of women’s health, gynecology, homeopathy, nutrition and bioidentical hormones to the center.

Stem Cell Therapy In the News
1) On July 1st Texas Governor Rick Perry had a stem cell treatment procedure performed to help heal his back. At this point he's got to be the highest profile person to (publicly) get the procedure since he's one of the top 3 candidates to be the next president. 2) There is a potential political agenda for Perry undergoing a stem cell procedure. Pro-life conservatives (Perry's base) oppose embryonic stem-cell research on the grounds that it destroys life. They are keen, however, on adult stem cells, wh

Marie Claire Magazine June 2011
Lea Goldman - Deputy Editor of Marie Claire Magazine, gives an honest account of working with Patients Medical’s Medical Director, Dr. Gulati and receiving Nutrient IV Therapy.

5/20/2010 Doctors Worried About Travolta Pregnancy Risks
The announcement of Kelly Preston's pregnancy has sparked conversation about the risks of pregnancy after the age of 35. Dr. Rashmi Gulati voices her concerns.

5/18/2010 Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms with Locally Grown Honey?
Sweet relief for allergy symptoms is just a spoonful away. And you probably already have the remedy in your cupboard. Honey isn't just for your tea anymore.

Health Radio: Applied Kinesiology
Applied kinesiology is a valuable diagnostic tool. Dr. Kokayi explains how he uses it to get to the root cause of his patients symptoms, and helps them heal.

5/6/2010 Steroids on Long Island: Inside Our Juicehead Culture
From pipsqueaks to professionals, steroids are turning Long Island into Strong Island. Dr. Gulati and Dr. Kokayi address the dangerous side-effects of the juicing culture.

5/6/2010 Do babies need vitamin supplements?
Make sure your baby receives the nutrition needed for health, development, and happiness.

4/30/2010 The Daily Feed: Sneezy Nose? Itchy Eyes? Dietary Tweaks May Help contacted Dr. Rashmi Gulati to find out how certain foods may alleviate common seasonal allergy symptoms.

4/29/2010 Tips for Going Holistic-What You Need to Know About Holistic Health Care
As more people seek alternative medicine to augment traditional treatments it is becoming very important to ask the right questions before you make that appointment.

Star Magazine: Bret Michaels Fighting for His Life
As rocker Bret Michaels battles back after an unexplained brain hemorrhage, Dr. Silverstein weighs in on the possible long-term effects.

Upscale Magazine: Living Right - Being Eco-Friendly Saves the Planet and Can Help Your Health
Living an eco-friendly life is not only good for the planet's health, its good for your health too. Family and holistic medicine expert Dr. Kokayi explains why.

Woman's World: Does Your Thyroid Need a Boost?
Woman's World: Does Your Thyroid Need a Boost? Gaining weight? Feeling tired? Can’t concentrate? You may be one of the 35 million American women suffering with a sluggish thyroid. Fix it with these thyroid boosters.

WCBS-TV "Eye on New York": Dr. Gulati on Food and Seasonal Allergies
The wet and wild weather of April makes it the worst month of the year for those who suffer with allergies. Dr. Gulati tells you how to naturally treat the root cause of allergies instead of just masking the symptoms with drugs.

3/25/2010 Girl's Guide to Detoxing
Dr. Gulati says that every spring, your body—in harmony with nature—is ready for a rebirth. Learn about six different ways to detox, how they work, and what you should know before you try them.

3/17/2010 Dr. Kokayi on Acupuncture
Woman's Day writer Barbara Brody gives acupuncture a try with Dr. Kokayi at Patients Medical. Here's what to expect during your acupuncture experience.

WCBS-TV: Salt Room Detox (Halo-therapy)
Some believe that salt caves can benefit the body during times of illness.

3/11/2010 How Yoga Can be Beneficial for Sex
Not only can yoga reduce stress and increase your energy levels, it can also give your sex life a boost. Namaste!

3/5/2010 Alternative Help for Depression
If you live with depression and are unable to take medication for it, there is an alternative, acupuncture.

The Huffington Post: Women and Heart Disease
Heart Disease is the #1 cause of death for women. Learn what you can do to stave off this silent killer.

3/1/2010 A New Recipe for Heart Health
Dr. Gulati recommends that women between ages 40 and 50, when hormones begin to change, get screened with baseline tests. She believes that a stress test, and non-invasive EBT scans or CT scans of the heart should be promoted the same way colonoscopies are. The question is why are women, who have been thoroughly educated about the importance of breast self-exams and Pap smear, are so far behind the curve on heart care issues?

Medical Marketing and Media Magazine
Dr. Kokayi, an integrative physician at Patients Medical, is featured in the "Media Choice" column of the February issue.

Patients Medical Treats Seasonal Affective Disorder with Bioidenticals
Many women who think they are suffering from depression actually have seasonal affective disorder, which is often more accute in the spring. Bioidentical hormones can help.

2/16/2010 14 Do's and Don'ts for Fighting Arthritis
Dr. Gulatie gives advice on holistic ways of fighting arthritis.

Aesthetic Trends and Technologies: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Dr. Silverstein introduces hyperbaric oxygen therapy to aesthetic professionals.

1/13/2010 Girlfriend's Guide to Acid Reflux
Dr. Gulati gives expert advice on acid reflux prevention for women.

Healthy Eating Tips to Ward Off Holiday Weight Gain
Nutritionist Judy Penta with Patients Medical warns against the "Manhattan Diet" and offers tips for effective, healthy eating in the New Year.

CNN's Situation Room: Preliminary Diagnosis of Cardiac Arrest as Cause of Death for Brittany Murphy
Dr. Gulati talks about cardiac arrest on CNN's Situation Room.

12/17/2009 The Health Risks of Many Pregnancies
Dr. Michael Abrahams discusses what is at stake for mom of 19 children, Michelle Duggar, and for other women having a high number of births.