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Patients Medical Now Recruiting for Stem Cell Clinical Trial Participants

Patients Medical, a leading integrative medical center in New York City, is now recruiting participants for its IRB-approved pivotal clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of adult adipose-derived (from fat) autologous (an individual’s own) stem cells for patients with a variety of medical conditions. The New York Stem Cell Treatment Center (NYSCTC) at Patients Medical is accepting applications for patients who would like to participate, as well as physicians who are interested in being part of the NYSCTC team.

“We are very excited to take part in this clinical trial. The idea of using a person’s own fat to restore and repair injury and disease is something that once sounded like science fiction, but now we are able to study what these stem cells are actually able to do. What we are studying gives us great hope for the future of medicine,” said Dr. Kamau Kokayi, NYSCTC’s Medical Director.

Some of the patients currently enrolled in the clinical trial include patients with Alopecia, chronic pain due to injury or disease including Osteoarthritis, Auto-Immune Diseases such as Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Kidney Disease, Asthma, COPD, digestive disorders including IBS, IBD and Crohn’s Disease and many other disorders. For a complete list, see the website at

“The procedure is surprisingly simple for most patients. We perform a mini-liposuction to remove a small amount of fat from the patient’s abdomen using a tiny incision and local anesthetic. Then, while the patient’s incision is dressed, we go through a series of steps to separate out the stem cells with their ‘stromal vascular fraction’ which is a ‘soup’ of your body’s own natural growth factors mixed with the stem cells. After that, we deploy the stem cells back into the patient’s body. The whole process takes about 3 hours and some patients go back to work after their procedure, although I actually recommend they go home and rest,” explains Dr. Kokayi.

The goal of the study, taking place in locations across the country and in affiliation with California Stem Cell, is to monitor the effects of the stem cells on the patients well into the future and then be able to make a recommendation to the medical community about the viability of Stem Cell Therapy as a treatment for specific diseases.

People interested in the clinical trial apply to participate on NYSCTC’s web site at Physicians who are interested in being a part of the medical team doing the Stem Cell research should contact the center directly to apply.
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