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Jeffrey V. Noble

Jeffrey V. Noble

Jeffrey Vincent Noble is a master energy healer who performs Pranic Healing and uses Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) to help patients overcome health and emotional challenges. Jeff is an author and has traveled internationally as a transformational speaker. He has trained individuals from all backgrounds, including medical professionals, in the art and science of Pranic Healing and NLP. He is founder of The Noble Touch Ministries and has been in practice for 30 years in the NYC area. Jeffrey is certified by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and The National Training Institute for NLP as a Master Practitioner. He is also certified by the Institute for Inner Studies as an Advanced Pranic Healer as well as for Pranic Healing using Crystals.

Jeffrey has helped thousands of people identify and release deeply held hurts, disappointments and stress. With energy medicine and NLP, he helps each client release the “emotional baggage” that is keeping them in distress or illness so that they can improve the quality of their lives, accelerate healing and achieve their health and wellness goals. He has helped his clients melt years of stress away in one hour-long session, so they are free to enjoy true healing and joy.

Pranic healing is a systematic and time-tested method that uses prana (Sanskrit for life-force) to align or balance the body’s energy and bring harmony to the physical body, mind and spirit. Prana is acknowledged across cultures and throughout history as the vital energy that keeps the body alive and healthy. It does not use physical contact, gadgets or drugs/supplements and can be done in person or from a distance (phone consultations) with success.

Through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, Jeffrey helps clients make powerful changes in their business and personal lives. NLP creates a channel to redevelop relationships between how one thinks and how they communicate in response to life events. For instance, when a client has a negative reaction to a person or event, Jeffrey can help redefine the negative association and turn it into something more positive. Then, when the client encounters the same trigger again, it will no longer provoke the negative emotion, but is replaced with a more constructive emotion.

Jeffrey uses Pranic Healing and NLP combined or separately, as each client requests or according to what is needed in each situation. Most sessions are an hour long and yield immediate results, depending on the goal and the severity of the condition being treated.