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Spa and Wellness Services

In this modern era of fast paced lifestyles, it is imperative to have a serene environment where one can slow down, breathe deeply, and enjoy being. Hectic demands of family life, professional careers, and the hurried pace of urban dwelling can deplete our bodies of valuable life energy.

Patients Medical spa and wellness services provide instant relief by answering the call for rejuvenation from your body, mind, and soul. When you enter our doors, leave everything behind you. There is nothing to do but enjoy the present moment and the services we offer. Patients Medical offers a myriad of integrated healing services, incorporating centuries of medicinal knowledge and wisdom from around the globe.

Some of our most popular spa and wellness services include:

  • Massage. Massage is one of the most sensuous ways to unwind and relieve sore tense muscles. Healthy circulation and specialized massage techniques will allow your body to detox and revive under the hands of our talented therapists.

  • Acupuncture. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to unblock energy meridians and stimulate a healthy balanced energy flow. A session of acupuncture will leave your body energized and facilitate its natural healing process

  • Rolfing. Rolfing works with the body's fascia to release long held muscle and soft tissue tension and trauma. Clients enjoy the benefits of improved posture, chronic pain relief, and the release of long-held physical and emotional strain.

  • Reiki. Reiki works using the healing energy of the practitioner and the energy of the client to restore balance. Sessions provide an overwhelming sense of calm and help the body to relax and detox from negative energy patterns.

  • Reflexology. Reflexology is an ancient needle-free healing technique using pressure points, predominantly on hand and feet, to release blockages and promote a healthy energetic balance within the body.

  • Herbal Consultation. Herbal supplements have been shown to be a gentle and effective way to nourish the body's depleted vitamin and mineral levels using the gifts of Mother Nature.

  • Maya Abdominal Therapy. Treat yourself to a session of Maya Abdominal Therapy and you will benefit from revitalized circulation to your digestive and reproductive organs.

  • Private Meditation Sessions. In a world in which silence is a premium, private meditation sessions will teach you how to use your breath to quiet your mind, allowing your body to sit in well-needed stillness and contemplation.

Ask about customized Spa and Wellness Services Packages to enjoy the benefits of an extended period of integrated healing!