Low Testosterone Low T

Low Testosterone  Low T

Low Testosterone      Low T

Low testosterone is a natural part of the male aging process. In fact, men undergo a process called andropause, which is similar to the hormonal shift women may experience during menopause. Unfortunately, environmental and lifestyle factors can cause younger men to experience low testosterone, also referred to as Low T. This can be devastating, as physical side effects can include sexual dysfunction,fertility issues and depression.

Natural hormone therapies can be used and monitored to boost testosterone to normal levels, allowing men to return to a more energized and balanced life.

Causes of Low Testosterone

In addition to aging, modern science has recognized environmental and lifestyle issues that cause decreases in testosterone levels. These causes include:

Increasing links between dietary habits and low testosterone levels have been identified. For example:

Soy products contain estrogen, which is why they are beneficial for women in perimenopause and menopause. Unfortunately, men with diets high in soy products can experience elevated estrogen levels, which decreases testosterone levels.

Low Omega-3s
Diets lacking omega-3s can lower testosterone. Eating foods high in Omega-3s will help. Talk to your doctor about natural ways to incorporate this important fatty-acid. Your holistic medical doctor may also be able to recommend supplements to help your Omega-3 intake.

Contaminated water and the ingestion of pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables may be affecting your testosterone levels and sperm counts. Many active chemicals used in pesticides contain estrogen, which lowers testosterone levels when ingested.

Symptoms of Decreased Testosterone

Common symptoms of decreased testosterone include:

Often, these side effects happen so gradually that they aren't noticeable. Unlike menopause, where hormones drop drastically in a relatively short period of time, and therefore are quite noticeable, andropause happens much more slowly over a number of years.

Blood tests are the key to identifying whether Low T is the cause of one or more of these symptoms.

Holistic Treatments for Increasing Low Testosterone Levels

If you're diagnosed with low testosterone, discuss holistic treatment options with your doctor. Bio-identical hormones, along with changes to your diet and lifestyle, are preferable to using synthetic hormones, which have been linked to negative side effects and health consequences. Natural treatments for low testosterone include:

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement to increase testosterone levels uses plant-based testosterone extracts. Because these molecules are identical to the ones made by the human body, they are more readily metabolized. It is thought this will lessen the negative side effects that have been associated with traditional synthetic hormones. Bioidentical testosterone is usually administered one of two ways.
    1. Testosterone cream: Also called transdermal testosterone, creams or gels are absorbed by the skin and quickly metabolized by the body. In most cases, it will need to be applied daily in order to maintain healthy testosterone levels.
    2. Testosterone pellets: You doctor may decide testosterone pellets are the better choice, depending on your condition. In this case, bio-identical testosterone pellets, which contain crystalline testosterone, will be placed subcutaneously (under the skin) in the abdomen or buttock. This method acts a time release and pellets are usually reapplied every few weeks or months.
  • Dietary/Lifestyle changes Changes in diet, such as increasing foods with natural testosterone and eliminating foods known to increase estrogen levels, as well as sustainable weight management can help to balance testosterone levels.

Please note that anyone undergoing testosterone therapy should be monitored closely. Partner with a holistic medical doctor who can help you diagnose and find the best treatment plan for your low testosterone. Visiting the doctor ever few weeks or month will ensure hormone levels remain healthy. Elevated testosterone can also cause undesirable side effects. As with all things, balance is the key.

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