Vitamin & Mineral Testing


Anya B. Age 49 accountant from New York, realized she was feeling very bad for months. She was terrified that it could be a really bad sickness. Anya had often colds, chronic fatigue, back pain, night sweats, bad cramps, and depression.


Anya had enough and was determined to find out what was going on with her body as she had seen her regular Doctor to no avail. Anya decided to search online for alternative Doctors or treatments, she came upon Patients Medical Holistic Center It’s run by Dr. Gulati, a very famous Holistic Doctor. Dr. Gulati is a Board Certified Holistic Internal Medicine Practitioner with two MD's - one each in Internal Medicine and Pathology. Dr. Gulati has over 20 years of medical experience and has hospital privileges at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

Anya also looked at several other centers but decided to go with Patients Medical because Dr. Gulati was the only Doctor Board Certified and she loved Dr. Gulati credentials. Anya eagerly made an appointment with Dr. Gulati.


Anya met with Dr. Gulati for over 1 hour. Anya was given a complete Blood test, urine test, and a new Genetic DNA test. All tests were back within two weeks, Anya came back for her second visit with Dr. Gulati. Dr. Gulati sat Anya down for over 2 hours and went over all results of her test. Anya was dangerously low in a number of Vitamins, hormones problems, pre-diabetic and had a severe case of anemia. Dr. Gulati came up with a wellness plan just for Anya. She was put on high dose IV vitamin and mineral infusions drips and a regimen of pharmaceutical grade supplements.


Let's hear in Anya own words what the results were as she left us "Patients Medical" a very long review.

"Most" supplements" and "vitamins" on the market that you buy for "1/2 price" are not what they say they are, don't have the efficacy of some supplements, and in many cases, are no more than potato starch/not what they say they are on the bottle so it is VERY important to know your source and what is actually in the bottle/who is making it. Doubtful the supplements at Duane Read have what are in the proprietary blends that have DEFINITELY helped me bring down my cholesterol 27 points in less than three months.

Dr. Gulati IS A LIFE SAVER. She is a WONDERFUL doctor, she may not be for everyone, but she literally has helped bring me back from the brink of serious health issues I had no idea I had and further more had been told by my endocrinologist who did nothing that I was "normal"- for almost 15 years. I had ***9%*** iron levels and my toe was approaching necrosis. This woman saved me from a case of severe anemia and thyroid issues and pre-diabetes in three months. Hell yes it cost- because mainstream medical establishments think what she is doing is "quackery" when in fact the only "quackery" that was happening was listening to my do-nothing endocrinologist before her and all I wound getting was more sick.

The IV infusions I receive at PM definitely have helped me and given me energy back that I did not know I even had anymore. I feel 25 years younger and I owe it all to Patients Medical- I feel like a normal person again! I also have lost almost 25 pounds in 5 months due to their excellent care and I have hardly changed my lifestyle beyond taking the supplements and doing what they ask of me re: IV treatments and checkups. If the public, mainstream media and medial establishments (and government) actually researched what is going on here, they would realize that what they do at PM is the opposite of a scam. They saved my life, and I am eternally grateful. If you don't want to pay out of pocket for GOOD QUALITY supplements instead of some drug store brand, then blame the government, not the price points that have to be charged/paid for out of pocket to actually get the supplements that they say they are on the bottle/the efficacy is what it is.

I think the people who visited here and left negative reviews really don't understand health and nutrition very well nor do they want to take the time and effort it takes to get well-- I think they are much more comfortable with, rather than have a doctor work with them, having a doctor just shove a prescription in their hand and not really investigate/get to the bottom of any underlying issues they know nothing about. Dr. Gulati really takes the time to investigate what is going on here, and that involves tests and time- tests and time that ARE NOT frivolous. In my case, the medical tests were lifesavers. I am completely baffled by someone complaining that a doctor's appointment took two hours- it was not spent waiting in the waiting room! The average physician spends 7 minutes on a client. *7 minutes* -- what do you think can be achieved in that amount of time to get to the heart of the problem? My experiences with Dr. Gulati is that she wants to really investigate underlying causes of things to actually get to the heart of the problem and really cares about the well being and health of her clients. Thank you, Dr. Gulati, and thank you Patients Medical!"

Wow, thank you, Anya, for the great review as we do care about our patients. We care about finding the root and cause of your problem we don’t treat symptoms we treat the whole body and the root of the cause. Doctors at Patient Medical will always make a plan of action just for YOU we never treat two patients the same.

To make an appointment with one of our physicians, please call us at 1-212-794-8800. We look forward to hearing from you.


Vitamin tests gauge the amounts of specific vitamins in a person's bloodstream. They are actually typically made use of to help in the analysis of vitamin insufficiencies or in discovering harmful quantities of a vitamin in an individual's body.


Vitamins are actually elements of nutrition that are actually required for development, recreation, and preserving health. The vitamins consist of vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin K, that are the fat-soluble vitamins, and folate, vitamin B12, biotin, vitamin B6, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and ascorbic acid, which in turn are actually the water-soluble vitamins.

Vitamins are actually needed in the diet regimen in just small quantities, as opposed to the energy parts of the diet plan, like glucose, starches, and fats. Nevertheless, certainly not getting adequate amounts of a specific vitamin could be ravaging, leading to vitamin insufficiency illness like scurvy, pellagra, or rickets. Alternatively, ingesting way too much of a specific vitamin could be harmful to an individual's body. Vitamin tests are actually utilized to evaluate the number of specific vitamins in a person's bloodstream to ensure that physicians can more precisely identify vitamin insufficiency conditions or vitamin excess and develop effective treatments. The vitamins which are actually more typically gauged by physicians are folate, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin A.


The majority of the vitamin testings are actually carried out by obtaining a sampling of blood and after that readying blood or serum from the blood sample. Individual vitamin takes place with incredibly little attentions whenever compared with amounts of a lot of other compounds in the bloodstream. Blood includes a multitude of substance and particles, and a lot of these types of have the tendency to disrupt the vitamin testings. Because of this, a treatment that divides the vitamin from polluting compounds is typically carried out immediately previous to carrying out the real test. Many research laboratories utilize high-pressure fluid chromatography (HPLC), also referred to as high-performance liquid chromatography, as this refinement measure. In HPLC, the specimen is actually sent at very high pressure throughout a pipelined with an absorbing component, to which the various particles stick at various amounts. Observing separation or even filtration by HPLC, the vitamin is actually discovered simply by a color response or fluorescence response. In these kinds of responses, the quantity of different colors or fluorescence which is created is symmetrical to the volume of the vitamin in the sample, permitting the analyzer to determine the quantity of vitamin existing in the initial specimen. In the case of a few vitamins, the detoxified vitamin is responded with a unique chemical substance (reagent) before discovery.

Degrees of a few vitamins might be actually determined not directly by a biological test which imitates the real functionality of the vitamin within the body system. Riboflavin standing is actually frequently determined by a test where the percentage through which a particular molecule transforms 1 compound right into one more suggests just how much Vitamin B2 is currently in an individual's bloodstream. Vitamin K is secondarily gauged by taking a look at blood clotting accumulation. Vitamin E standing is frequently gauged by positioning the red blood cells in a test tube, adding hydrogen peroxide, and evaluating the outcome break down of the red blood cells. When a vitamin E insufficiency is present, the red blood cells possess a higher propensity to break.


Many vitamin testings need no prep work; nevertheless, a few could ask that the client fast for a minimum of 8 hrs prior to providing a blood sample, or even cease utilizing a few medicines.

Normal results

The values that are actually thought about to become typical for each and every vitamin could vary somewhat. This irregularity could occur through various testing machinery or come from various kinds of chemical break down which are actually utilized in performing the vitamin evaluations. In translating information on blood vitamin levels, it ought to also be kept in mind that various typical scopes might reside for the various peer groups and sexes. For instance, the typical variety of blood vitamin B6 for men is 7-52 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) for men and 2-26 ng/mL for women.

The typical ranges for amounts of specific vitamins are actually as follows. Feel free to keep in mind that, simply by formality, the units pertaining to the degrees of each of the vitamins might vary from each other. The units picogram/milliliter (pg/mL), nanogram/milliliter (ng/mL), and micrograms per deciliter (micrograms/dL) pertain to the value of vitamin in the specified volume. The units nanomoles/liter (nmol/L) and micromoles/liter (M/L) pertain to the accumulation of vitamin in the specific volume.

Unusual results

In each case, unusual outcomes fall under or over the typical concentration distance. Nevertheless, as noted above, qualities which are actually thought about to become marginal or seriously unusual could vary depending on the discernment of the clinical research laboratory or doctor.

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