Reflexology therapy is a non-invasive, natural and effective treatment for relieving a variety of symptoms and balancing medical conditions. It can be used on all ages – from babies to the elderly, both males and females, and can support a wide variety of medical conditions. Some of the medical conditions that can be balanced by incorporating reflexology include:

What can I expect during a reflexology session?

During a reflexology session, a practitioner stimulates the nervous system by applying pressure to specific points on the body, primarily the hands, feet and ears, which are known as reflex areas. Applying pressure to these reflex areas stimulates the body's internal organs, which releases chemicals that reduce pain and promote overall wellness.

A typical session will last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. The procedure takes place with the patient lying on a massage table. However, unlike a massage, patients stay fully clothed during reflexology, although they are asked to remove their shoes and socks.

The practitioner starts by asking a series of questions about the patient's overall health and wellness. He or she then performs an examination of the patient's feet, looking for areas of excess skin build up, which could be a sign that a body's organ is not functioning properly.

Once the reflexologist has a thorough understanding of the patient's medical history and overall wellness, he or she applies pressure with the index finger and thumb to specific reflex areas. During the treatment, the patient may experience tingling sensations in other parts of his or her body. Many patients become so relaxed they feel sleepy. For most, a reflexology therapy session is an enjoyable, relaxing experience.

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