Aging and Longevity FAQ

by Rashmi Gulati, MD

How does the aging process affect health and wellness?

The aging process takes place at the cellular level, when structures called telomeres begin to wear down and wear out, hampering cellular regeneration necessary for optimal health. Over time, damaged cells cannot repair themselves and new cells stop forming, resulting in the changes associated with the so-called “natural' aging process.

How can medical care address the issues of aging and longevity?

At Patients Medical, we use a comprehensive approach that begins with an in-depth evaluation of your health and the medical issues you're facing. Lab tests including urinalysis, stool sampling and blood work may be ordered, and you also may be asked to undergo other types of testing, including EKG, prostate or pelvic exams, colonoscopy, mammogram, bone density evaluation or other tests to obtain a complete picture of your health. Once the results of your tests and exams are known, we'll work with you to help you reduce or eliminate risk factors through treatments like chelation, vitamin infusions and other approaches, and we'll also customize a treatment plan to address underlying medical issues or chronic health issues you may be facing. Finally, we'll work with you to develop an anti-aging and longevity plan aimed at reducing cell degeneration, promoting tissue regeneration and slowing down the aging process through nutritional supplementation, lifestyle changes and hormonal rebalancing as needed.

Can anti-aging treatments help me ward off illnesses or diseases?

Yes. Our aging and longevity treatment protocol is aimed at improving and optimizing overall health and wellness, so your body will be in the best position possible to help prevent illnesses and reduce your risks for serious long-term health issues. Your specific plan of care can be customized to your needs based on the results of your lab tests, physical exam and personal and family health histories to ensure all your risk factors are addressed.

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