Infertility means diminished or absent fertility (the ability to conceive and bear children). By definition, Infertility is "reversible," whereas the more serious and permanent condition referred to as sterility is not. Infertility may affect the male or female partner in a relationship. For reasons unknown to science, infertility has been increasing in frequency over the past several decades.


There are many causes for infertility. In males, the common problem is the inability to produce adequate numbers of sperm. There may be many reasons for this, but testing for this can quickly establish if the male partner is the basis for the couples infertility. In females there are numerous reasons infertility may arise, including anovulation (no egg released during the fertile period of the monthly cycle), hormone imbalance (from many causes, including environmental chemicals interacting with human hormone receptors), chronic and/or low grade infection, stress (overproduction of adrenal stress hormones), inflammation and/or scaring of internal organs, environmental toxins and loss of physiologic regulation of the neuro-endocrine-immune system. Interestingly, no "scientific medical abnormality" can be found in a large percentage of "infertile couples."


"Conventional" therapy for men is usually directed at increasing the number and/or activity of sperm. "Conventional" therapy for women may include large doses of hormones, attempting to "drive" the system into a fertile state, and/or surgical procedures, including artificial fertilization methods.

There are also many "natural" methods to increase fertility used in Homeopathic Integrative Medicine. Nutrition, Detoxification (including Emotional and Spiritual methods), External Counter-Pulsation (ECP) Therapy,  Herbal therapy, NAET Allergy, Medical Acupuncture, Orthomolecular therapy (Vitamins, etc.), Neural therapy, Homeopathy,  BioResonance Feedback, Bodywork and Massage are also useful.

In cases where no "scientific" explanation for infertility is found, Homeopathic Integrative Medicine may be very effective. Combining detoxification and orthomolecular nutrition, along with correcting allergies (including between partners), disturbed or frozen regulatory systems, low grade or chronic inflammation and negative environmental influences can result in return of fertility.

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