Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Definition of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunctioncauses an inability among men to develop and maintain an erection. Erectile dysfunction results in unsatisfactory sexual intercourse due to disoriented ejaculatory disorders, such as, not being able to sustain an erection during intercourse or having premature ejaculation tendencies, etc. It is a common error to confuse erectile dysfunction with that of impotence, since erectile dysfunction might be one of the causes of impotence but not impotence.


Some people confuse an occasional inability to maintain an erection as erectile dysfunction. This is an incorrect diagnosis of the problem, since once in a while problems with erections are normal to most men. However an ongoing erection problem needs to be investigated.  Keeping this in mind, a period of 3 months of regular problems is thought of as a fair clinical guideline.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Some of the prominent symptoms of erection dysfunction are-

  • Maintaining the erection firmly through out the period of sexual intercourse.
  • Having problems in attaining an erection at any time, it could be during masturbation or with a sexual partner.
  • Being able to have an orgasm and ejaculating in spite of the erection problem.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction has been classified into two broad sections.

Primary Erectile Dysfunction – Primary erectile dysfunction mainly arises from premature ejaculation, in case of psychogenic problems and no where related to organic or physical ones. This behavior is noticed only after the male is sexually active.

Secondary Erectile Dysfunction - This state occurs usually after many years of normal ejaculation. In such a condition the duration of intercourse increasingly becomes shorter. Most of the time it has been noticed that Secondary erectile dysfunction is a result of physical problems and causes that may involve veins, penile arteries or even both.

These days there are however, there are other types of erectile dysfunction that have been classified too, these being;  Psychogenic erectile dysfunction, Arteriogenic erectile dysfunction, Venogenic erectile dysfunction, Mixed type of erectile dysfunction, Drug-induced erectile dysfunction Neurogenic erectile dysfunction and Endocrinologic erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

While it would be unfair to pin point a certain cause for erectile dysfunction, the condition cannot exactly be blamed on a particular reason. However some of the probable direct causes that lead to erectile dysfunction are- psychological problems, physical pain or reactions to the same, side effects of medicines, chronic health problems, etc.

Some of the indirect causes of erectile dysfunction are- High blood pressure, Obesity, excessive substance abuse, treatments methods of prostate cancer, Hormonal disorders such as low testosterone, heart problems, Surgery or injury caused in the spinal cord or pelvic area, etc.

Risk Factors of Erectile Dysfunction

Risk factors associated with erectile dysfunction are;

  • Age- Men in their 60s are more prone to erectile dysfunction compared to those younger or even in their 40s. 
  • Unhealthy lifestyles- Men with less knowledge about a healthy lifestyle are also more likely to experience erectile dysfunction tendencies.
  • Those subscribing to an unhealthy diet, consumption of excessive alcohol, less of physical activities and exercise run the risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction.
  • Those with chronic health problems or people under medication for long may also face erectile dysfunction. Stress, anxiety and depression are factors that aggravate the chances of having erectile dysfunction.
  • People who have metabolic syndromes or even those with prolonged bicycling habits are at a risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

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