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UV Blood Irradiation

UV Blood Irradiation

UV Blood Irradiation in New York

Anecdotal evidence has long pointed to sunlight as a healing force for infections and illness. Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) - also called UV Blood Irradiation or Photoluminescence - is a way to internalize the sun's powerful effect on harmful pathogens. UBI has been used successfully as a healing treatment since the 1920s.

During a session of UV Blood Irradiation, a patient's blood is exposed to UV light. UV light has also been shown to oxidize - or add oxygen - to the blood, in addition to killing harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Not only does the added oxygenation have an anti-microbial effect, it also boosts immune function by improving white blood cell activity.

What Conditions Does UV Blood Irradiation Therapy Treat?

UBI has been shown to effectively destroy a variety of diseases and ailments such as:

  • Lyme Disease:  Ultraviolet light treatment  is frequently used for patients with Chronic Lyme Disease, that has not responded to antibiotics.  If you are suffering the aches and pains of Lyme Disease and need help, Ultra Violet Light Therapy is a solution that may work for you to reduce the bacterial count and pain caused by the Lyme Disease. 
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis C
  • MRSA infections (a powerful and often fatal infection caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria which can be contracted in hospitals as a secondary infection)
  • Psoriasis
  • Cancers - most effectively on prostate, lymph, colon and breast cancer
  • Autoimmune disorders such as Lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Conditions associated with hyper-inflammatory response
  • Allergies
  • Chronic yeast infections
  • Mononucleosis
  • Multiple sclerosis

Not only will UV Blood Irradiation help to kill bacteria, yeast, and viruses, it has also been shown to have a vaccine-like effect by allowing the immune system to work with the antigenous pathogens to build an appropriate immune response.

Additional Benefits of UV Blood Irradiation Therapy

In addition to treating a myriad of ailments, UBI provides the following benefits:

  • Oxygenation of blood and tissues
  • Increased blood flow
  • Improved white blood cell counts
  • Stimulation of immune system
  • Inactivation of harmful toxins
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Reduced pain, especially chronic pain caused by inflammation
  • Dilation of blood vessels
  • Improved circulation
  • Stimulation of red blood cell production
  • Decrease of fatty liver tissue which lowers harmful cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Helps people with liver failure prolong life while waiting for a liver transplant

What Is the Process For UV Blood Irradiation Therapy?

During a session of UV Blood Irradiation, a doctor will remove about 200cc of blood. This is about the equivalent of a medium glass of water. The blood will be exposed to an anticoagulant, to prevent it from clotting, and then passed through a quartz container, usually a cuvette, while it is directly exposed to UV light. The blood will be agitated during this process in order for the UV light to fully penetrate the sample of blood. Once the blood has been sufficiently exposed, it is returned to the patient's blood stream. This procedure is completely painless and safe for the patient.

There are no negative side effects associated with UBI. Sometimes patients experience a faint "flushing" sensation for an hour or so after the treatment. Others have noted a very mild nausea and/or flu-like systems for a short time but this is a sign of the toxins and disease being flushed from the body. There have been no harmful side effects nor has the original condition preceding the treatment ever been exacerbated.

The quantity of UBI sessions a doctor prescribes is related to the health status of a patient, the seriousness of the disease or condition being treated, and the length of time a patient has suffered from the condition. It is often used in conjunction with Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy to maximize the benefits of oxygenation on the body's cells.

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