Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

If you are interested in a natural body sculpting process, one that doesn't require the use of synthetic materials, you may want to turn your attention to fat transfer, also called fat grafting procedures offered here at Patients Medical. The most common target areas for fat transfer procedures include the breasts, buttocks, cheeks, and lips to reverse the effects of aging, rapid weight loss, or pregnancy. In fact, fat grafting is a popular choice for women who come in for Mommy Makeovers.

Unlike traditional body sculpting techniques that use synthetic implants or fluids to lift, fill, or plump areas of the body that need attention, fat grafting extracts unwanted fat from one area of the body, and prepares it to be effectively transferred to another. This is an all-natural way of gaining the physical enhancement you desire, without allergic reactions, scarring, and other negative side-effects that can follow more traditional cosmetic surgical procedures.

How is Autologous Fat Grafting Done?

The first step in achieving the look you want is making an appointment with a plastic surgeon at Patients Medical so you can tell your story, and review your options. During your consultation, you can discuss your problem areas, ask questions, and review our "before and after" pictures to get an idea of what you want.

On your appointment day, the doctor will use a syringe and a large needle to extract excess adipose tissue, or fat cells, from the donor site. Usually the doctor will want to select two donor sites so the fat extraction is more balanced. Then, he will prepare these cells to be reinserted, via micro-lipoinjection, to the desired location(s), usually the breasts or butt. Once the procedure is complete, you will have a brand new body, created and sustained by your very own cells.

In most cases, about 50-60% of the transferred fat cells will die off, leaving the remaining cells with their own healthy blood supply. As such, we recommend that patients transfer more fat cells than they really want, so that within a month or two, their bodies will attain the desired look and feel.

What types of fat transfer procedures are available?

Generally speaking, you can use fat transfer procedures anywhere you like. They can be used to plump cheeks, eye tissue, and lips for a more youthful appearance. In most cases, fat grafting is used to in place of breast and buttocks implant surgery.

Fat transfer for breast enhancement. If you are interested in breast augmentation or a breast lift, but are wary of the way implants look, natural fat grafting is the ideal solution. It will make your breasts appear naturally full, and because the micro-lipoinjection process disturbs very little surface tissue, your scars will be nearly invisible to non-existent.

You don't have to worry about allergic reactions to synthetic materials used in breast implants (even saline implants use a synthetic silicone casing to hold the saline filler), implant rejections, or the potential for future implant rupture. Fat transfers are often used for breast reconstruction procedures for women who have had mastectomies.

Fat grafting for buttocks enhancement. Fat transfer is also a popular body sculpting procedure for those who want to plump and lift their buttocks. Even the popular Brazilian Butt lift can be done using fat grafting, resulting in a more natural look and feel. It is also less painful than traditional implant surgery.

Patients Medical takes a holistic approach to cosmetic procedures, offering holistic treatments for pre- and post- surgery to prevent infection and accelerate healing. These treatments include Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Nutrient IV therapy, Nutrition and Supplements.

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