Bioidentical Hormones

by Rashmi Gulati, MD

Rashmi GulatiWhat many patients are surprised to learn is that irregular periods, heavy bleeding, mood swings, irritability, worsening PMS, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, hot flashes, night sweats, frequent headaches and low libido are classic signs of hormonal imbalance -- and yet all can be treated safely and effectively at Patients Medical, where we specialize in bringing your hormones back into sync with bioidentical hormone therapy and other natural interventions.

Today there's a lively and ongoing debate surrounding bioidentical hormones. Suzanne Somers has long been an advocate, authoring several books about her wellness journey that tout their benefits. Even Oprah has become a believer, frequently featuring the topic on her show, and inviting such notable guest experts such as Christiane Northrup, MD and Lauren Streicher, MD.

But why all the controversy? What exactly are hormones, and is it safe to replace them? How is a synthetic hormone any different from a bioidentical one? Why is hormonal balance all that important to wellness? And if it is, what is the best way to achieve it?

If you're curious about hormones, you are in the right place. Patients Medical has a wealth of experience in addressing our patients' questions and concerns about their hormones. Let's take a closer look at hormones, and how balancing them holds the key to unlocking long-term health and wellness.

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Critical role of hormones

Hormones regulate multiple life-critical activities in the human body - energy supply, growth, repair, reproduction, digestion -- as well as those that make life comfortable, meaningful, and enjoyable for us -- such as our mood, libido, and appetite.

Many different problems can arise when an imbalance of hormones prevails in the body, whether the imbalance concerns alterations in the ratios between different hormones, or in their pulsatile patterns of release. For example, an imbalance between estrogenic hormones may lead to bone loss, vaginal dryness, or uterine or breast cancer. Inadequate progesterone regulation may cause infertility, hormonal headaches, or mood disorders such as depression. Disturbances in insulin regulation invoke inflammatory responses that lead to heart disease and diabetes. Testosterone imbalance can disturb libido, or lead to polycystic ovaries, unwanted hair growth, or excessive hair loss. And chronically elevated stress hormones have a deleterious effect throughout the entire body.

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Case Study

Sally first came to the Patients Medical when her symptoms began to compromise her professional and personal life. Dr. Gulati listened to Sally's health history and concerns. Everything was going so well -- she was newly engaged and her star was rising as an actress, yet she was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up. Why was she feeling so run down? Dr. Gulati explained that these symptoms were classic for perimenopause: bloating, weight gain, fuzzy-headedness, decreased libido, poor sleep, and hot flashes. The onset of these and other symptoms is common in women as they get a little older -- but hormonal imbalance can develop at any age -- even in teenagers!

Dr. Gulati thoroughly examined Sally, then requested she undergo some diagnostic testing. At her next visit she explained to Sally how we could address the underlying causes of her hormonal imbalance. She prescribed a combination of bioidentical hormones, including natural thyroid replacement. Acknowledging her busy life, Dr. Rashmi Gulati asked how she might make more room in her life for exercise, and she agreed to walk more and take the stairs whenever possible.

A few months into her treatment protocol, we were thrilled to hear Sally report she "has her life back." Her energy levels are strong, and the fuzzy thinking and hot flashes have disappeared. She feels and looks years younger -- plus, her libido is back. As integrative medical practitioners, it is gratifying to see this woman restored to full vibrancy and health. We all deserve to look and feel our best! We are now looking forward to the release of Sally's latest feature film!

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