Hyperbaric Oxygen and Its Application for Healing

Oxygen reveals itself as a fundamental component of life, not only by its physical presence in air and water, but in how this ubiquitous substance allows us to think about life. Though it is present all around us, oxygen has fascinating properties. This element is a vital part of life. We take it in with every breath. At high concentrations it can be a lifesaving measure and certain conditions can be dramatically improved and sometimes healed.

From our perspectives as physicians at Patients Medical, it is fitting that oxygen carries with it properties to enhance healing, and the hope offered by this fundamental element is very real. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can be an effective treatment option for a number of conditions ranging from acute traumatic ischemia to refractory osteomyelitis, and wound healing. Recognition of its potential continues to grow. We at Patients Medical have had excellent success with HBOT, and would like to share some of our findings about hyperbaric oxygen therapy with you.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment at Patients Medical

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) is prescribed by a physician and performed under medical supervision. Although there are minor risks (as with all medical treatments), hyperbaric oxygen therapy is extremely safe, non-invasive, and performed by a highly skilled technician under our physicians' guidance and care.

Upon arrival to our clinic, a new patient will discuss their condition with a trained staff member. A medical history will be collected, followed by a thorough examination. Any appropriate testing necessary to ascertain a diagnosis is the next step, from which a customized treatment plan can be developed if hyperbaric oxygen therapy is indicated. A consult with the patient will involve the discussion of testing results, the proposed treatment plan, and any recommendations that might enhance the suggested therapy. These may include changes in diet, exercise, and ways to reduce stress and improve sleep. Supplements may be recommended to aid in treatment, or suggested to improve overall health. As the treatment plan is implemented, consults are scheduled to measure and discuss results, and to evaluate the progress of the treatment.

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Case Study

We treated a man in his sixties with a past history of Hodgkin lymphoma, whose chief complaint was chronic cervical pain. More than 20 years ago, "Frank" was treated with radiation treatment and went into remission. As a result of radiation, he developed chronic cervical pain, which has been successfully remedied with multiple treatments of hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Patients Medical. Today Frank reports significantly decreased pain, increased range of motion, and overall improvement in energy.

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