Where do veins carry blood?

Veins carry blood from the body's tissues and organs back to the heart. Blood flows from the body's tissues and organs, through the veins, and back to the heart where it can be pumped to the lungs to receive oxygen and release carbon dioxide. This is known as systemic circulation.

The vein system is divided into two main groups: the deep veins and the superficial veins. The deep veins are located deep within the body, typically within muscle tissue, and are responsible for carrying blood back to the heart from the body's internal organs. The superficial veins are located just under the skin and are responsible for carrying blood back to the heart from the body's external structures, such as the arms and legs.

The blood in the veins is typically low in oxygen and high in carbon dioxide, as it has already passed through the body's tissues and is on its way back to the lungs and heart to be re-oxygenated and re-circulated.

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