New Jersey Naturopathic Gynecology: Acupuncture & Massage Therapy Expanded

Holistic medical center Patients Medical (212-794-8800), has expanded its services to provide functional naturopathic gynecology treatments for New Jersey residents.

The functional medicine center expects this newly expanded service will encourage more women in the New Jersey area to seek out a holistic approach to gynecological treatment. Patients Medical uses a combination of conventional and functional gynecology medicine and treatment, complementing essential conventional physical exams with holistic treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, and herbal medicine.

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Following the recent announcement, Patients Medical encourages women in New Jersey to engage with its holistic, preventative gynecological health program developed to support balanced hormone production, a healthy reproductive system, and overall well-being. The practice's gynecology specialists will work in communication with a patient's regular OB-GYN to create a comprehensive gynecology treatment program that meets their specific needs and conditions.

While conventional gynecology treatment is necessary for maintaining baseline reproductive health, it is generally limited to physical care and often focuses on treating conditions after they've developed rather than preventing them. Complementing conventional physical exams with holistic treatments like massage, acupuncture, yoga, and diet programs can support a less painful menstrual cycle, improve fertility, and maintain a healthy internal ecosystem that helps protect against gynecological conditions like infections, cancer, or endometriosis.

At Patients Medical, naturopathic gynecologists can provide a treatment program that includes massage therapy to improve blood circulation to reproductive organs, relieve stress, and decrease pain or discomfort associated with menstruation or gynecological issues. Patients Medical can also develop a nutrition program specifically geared to support healthy hormone balance, decrease inflammation, and improve iron intake, all of which contribute to better gynecological health.

About Patients Medical

Established in Manhattan in 1974, Patients Medical is dedicated to providing a holistic, naturopathic alternative to conventional medical treatment to surrounding community members of all ages. In addition to its specialized gynecological program, the center offers a suite of exclusive treatment protocols for conditions such as Parkinson's disease, Lyme disease, thyroid conditions, heart disease, and more. The staff of holistic physicians at Patients Medical includes internists, nutritionists, gynecologists, and general family practitioners.

"Functional and holistic medicine treatment differs from conventional gynecology treatment in that it focuses on the whole person, not just a women’s normal issues, including physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being," said one spokesperson for the practice. "Holistic treatment can be an effective approach to managing gynecological conditions, in addition to conventional medical treatments."

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