NYC Naturopathic Mood Swing Treatment Functional Medicine Center Expansion

The Manhattan functional medicine center, Patients Medical ((212) 794-8800), has expanded its services to offer holistic, naturopathic treatment plans to address mood swings in men and women.


The clinic's specialized physicians hope this new service expansion will inspire both men and women struggling with chronic mood swings to seek their naturopathic, holistic approach to treatment. Patients Medical works to first identify the cause of a patient's mood swings, which can include brain chemistry, genetics, hormonal imbalances, trauma, stress, chronic illnesses, or substance abuse issues.

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These newly expanded services provide patients experiencing treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders with an alternative to conventional pharmaceutical-centered approaches. Among the possible elements in a Patients Medical treatment plan for mood swings are techniques to improve sleep habits, lifestyle changes, a regular exercise schedule, and a diet regimen that prioritizes foods that detoxify the body and promote balanced hormone production.

Mood swings can be triggered by a variety of factors. Stress and anxiety are major factors in mood swings, as are hormonal imbalances or sudden hormone changes due to pregnancy or menstrual cycles. Disrupted or inconsistent sleep patterns can also cause irritability, fatigue, and erratic moods.

The naturopathic approach taken by the specialists at Patients Medical begins by identifying a patient's specific triggers. After determining the underlying cause for the mood swings, the naturopath may prescribe a combination of lifestyle changes, exercise, diet, and more. If a patient's mood swings are accompanied by substance abuse, Patients Medical can refer the patient to an addiction specialist and prescribe a diet and exercise program that promotes healthy dopamine and serotonin production to provide support for sobriety.

About Patients Medical

Located in Manhattan, Patients Medical has provided holistic, comprehensive treatments for a variety of medical conditions to the local residents since 1974. The center's medical director, Dr. Rashmi Gulati, holds residencies in pathology, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology. Dr. Gulati incorporates this experience and her extensive knowledge of Eastern medical modalities to create an environment of holistic, integrative healing at Patients Medical that focuses on treating root problems rather than masking symptoms.

"Dr. Gulati spent a lot of time with me reviewing my symptoms and providing comprehensive testing," said one satisfied patient. "Dr. Gulati's approach to patient care is personal and comprehensive. She took the time to listen to me and connect with me in a kind and caring manner. Her entire staff is also very caring and friendly. Dr. Gulati discovered my problem when none of my doctors in Los Angeles were able to."

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