Queens Wellness Center For Women In Their 50s: Holistic Treatments Announced

Patients Medical (212) 794-8800 has announced its comprehensive range of treatments to support women in their 50s, available to patients in Queens, NYC.

The practice's recent announcement offers women living in Queens access to board-certified physicians who specialize in treating the specific health issues that many women in their 50s face, and, in particular, preventing heart disease. Patients Medical explains that as women move through their 50s, their risk for heart disease grows significantly, increasing the need for lifestyle and dietary changes.

Details are available at Women’s Wellness: Health In Your 50s

This clinic also now offers unique treatment protocols for hormone imbalances, sexual health issues, digestive problems, mental health concerns, and skin conditions. For women experiencing menopausal symptoms, Patients Medical can provide comprehensive testing to determine their hormone levels and create a holistic treatment plan to rebalance the hormones and mitigate their symptoms.

Since a lack of physical activity is often a major culprit for the medical problems of women in their 50s, Patients Medical may also prescribe yoga practice or an exercise regimen. As the clinic points out, regular cardiovascular activity not only stimulates circulation and boosts heart health but can also support a healthy weight and better sleep.

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