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Breakthrough Book By Suzanne Somers

Breakthrough Book By Suzanne Somers

A review of Suzanne Somers's book Breakthrough

Following the success of Ageless, Suzanne Somers' extensively researched latest book Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness, continues her mission to educate the public about natural, bioidentical hormone therapy. This therapy is a means to improve the quality of life and invite robust health.

In the resource section of the book, on page 418, Suzanne recommends our physician, Rashmi Gulati, MD to help you through this process.

This book is recommended by our physicians and staff as an educational tool to help the public see that there are viable alternatives to conventional medications and surgeries. Somers terms it "breakthrough medicine" or natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. She and her team of expert anti-aging physicians explain that as we age (and even in our younger years) hormone imbalances can be the root cause of many conditions, namely depression, anxiety, fatigue, lack of sex drive, sleepless nights, menopause, andropause and even cancer.

While these imbalances can be attributed to the inevitable course of aging they certainly are also influenced and associated with the effects of toxins in our environment, as well as our lifestyles.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is discussed as a way to restore natural balance to the body. They are shown as a powerful preventative measure against disease and health decline in later years. Somers' solution to continued, robust health is a "back to basics" approach. It includes the integral role of a nutritious, organic diet and an enjoyable exercise plan in your life. She advocates eliminating unrequired medications, and avoiding toxins and pollutants in the home and environment. We are proud that our physician, Dr. Gulati is noted in the book as cutting edge practitioners in the area of bioidentical hormone therapy.

The focus of this book is to offer the public a clear path to vibrant sustainable health, utilizing candid interviews with top physicians who share their knowledge and clinical experiences. Interviews feature experienced doctors who base their medical business on current science. The combination of interviews with expert medical doctors in the forefront of their fields, and her own personal success in battling breast cancer makes the reading not just educational but enjoyable. It leaves the reader hungry to learn more and to take charge of their own health.

The book is divided into eight sections, each of which details a step to total wellness. Somers explains each section and then expands on the information as she interviews prominent physicians in each field. The eight steps are as follows:

Breakthrough' Eight Steps to Wellness are as follows:

  • Get bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • Avoid chemicals and detoxify your body
  • Take nutrition seriously
  • Care for your GI tract
  • Avoid pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary
  • Supplement your diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get proper sleep

One of the book' most instrumental contributions is that it opens the eyes of the layman and helps us see that there are alternatives to conventional pharmaceuticals, quick fixes, and cure-alls that involve drugs and surgeries. The essence of the book is that it enlightens the reader on the empowerment of taking responsibility for one' own health and becoming proactive in preventative care.

Overall Somers excels in her ability to digest an abundance of critical scientific information on anti-aging and bioidentical hormones and transmit it in an understandable, enjoyable format for the reader.

After reading this book the reader will walk away realizing that there is no magic bullet, and that wellness and health is a learning process that requires a responsible, consistent lifestyle. Living healthfully must be a priority and conscious choice.

Hers is a refreshing approach to medicine. Conventional medicine treats a disorder or disease that has already manifested. Somers's approach is about getting to the root cause, or better yet, preventing it in the first place…a focus that is not addressed in current medical school curriculums. In fact, most of the information in this book is not taught in medical school. It must be researched independently by the medical practitioner who currently has hardly any time to see patients.

If hormone imbalance or degenerating health is impacting the quality of your life or if you want to enhance vitality, then Breakthrough is essential, and should be read carefully and completely. We hope that you can visit our practice and experience renewed health and vitality by working with our practitioners. Suzanne Somers recognizes our physician, Dr. Gulati on pages 418 of the book as a pioneer and excellent provider of bioidentical hormone therapy.

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