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Healthycell AC11 ® 350mg Capsules

Healthycell AC11 ® 350mg Capsules

Antioxidants protect cells from DNA damage, but inevitably some DNA damage does occur. ac-11® is a patented extract from rainforestsourced Uncaria tomentosa that helps your body’s natural ability to repair its own DNA, inhibit pro-inflammatory agents and support the immune system. Studies have shown these are three powerful anti-aging functions critical to health as we age. Tested for safety and efficacy, ac-11® is supported by 17+ years of research, 40+ scientific studies, and 10 patents.

Healthycell AC-11....opens a world of possibilities

  • Supports natural DNA repair within cells
  • Promotes energy production
  • Enhances immune function
  • Supports joint health
  • Promotes healthy sleep cycles and neuro protection
  • Supports collagen production and enhances repair of sun damaged skin

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