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Digest Right (90 Capsules)

Digest Right (90 Capsules)

Supplements to support child digestion.

Digest Right Enhanced digestion supports optimal nutrient uptake and intestinal health. It reduces exposure to potentially antigenic foods, promotes healthy absorption and reduces the impact of incomplete digestion of dairy and wheat-based foods. Why use Digest Right.

  • It's designed by doctors, and formulated for kids.
  • DigestRight is a comprehensive enzyme supplement formulated for children by leading physicians in child neurological development to promote optimal digestion of the fullest range of foods.
  • Because proper digestion is the foundation for good health.
  • This product contains natural ingredients; color variations are normal.
Do not chew capsules. Take 1 to 2 capsules with each meal or snack, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Average serving is 1 capsule at beginning of meals. A second capsule may be taken near the middle of the meal. If desired, capsules may be opened and contents mixed into a small quantity of cold food. Follow immediately with untreated food.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Each Capsule supplies:
Proprietary Enzyme Blend: Assay Method 315 mg
Amylase USP (pH 6.8) 6,700 USP
FCC (pH 4.8) 6,000 DU
Protease (Provides Dipeptidylpeptidase IV USP (pH 7.5) 14,500 USP
(DPP IV) Exopeptidase FCC (pH 7.0) 20,200 PC
Endopeptidase, and Peptide FCC (pH 4.7) 34,300 HUT
Peptidohydrolase activity) (pH 7.0) 2,000 CFAU
Lactase FCC III (pH 4.5) 2,400 LacU
Cellulase FCC (pH 4.5) 124 CU
Lipase FIP (pH 7.0) 630 LU
FCC III (pH 6.5) 300 LU
Sucrase (Invertase) FCC (pH 4.6) 300 INVU
Phytase Phytic Acid (pH 6.0) 0.64 PU
Maltase (Malt Diastase) FCC (pH 4.6) 10,800 DP
This product does not contain:
artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, corn, dairy products, ingredients of animal origin, preservatives, salt, soy, sugar, wheat, yeast.


Consult your Doctor care provider before taking this product.


Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

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