The Benefits of Massage

Massage has long been embraced as a healing art for relaxation. However, in the past few decades, scientific research has demonstrated detailed and specific health benefits of massage, beyond pleasant sensations of relaxation. Massage benefits span a wide range of topics from detoxification to rejuvenation. A complete list of massage benefits is seemingly infinite because of the holistic nature of massage, and how it affects the entirety of the human body.

Massage Benefits

The art of massage involves seeing the human body as one interconnected system, rather than a series of individual parts. Therapists recognize every part of the human body is dependent on every other part to remain balanced and healthy. When one area is compromised, the body begins to compensate. If balance is not restored, the entire system begins to collapse. Massage provides integration of the body's systems and restores balance for optimal health.

Here is a small sampling of the wide variety of massage benefits:

What Exactly is a Massage?

Just as the list of massage benefits is varied, so is the list of massage styles. Massage styles have been used and cultivated in almost every region of the planet. This cultural massage heritage provides a rich variety of massage techniques, allowing clients to determine which type of massage will work best for their individual needs.

Popular Therapeutic Massage Techniques

Whether clients desire a soothing and relaxing massage experience, as provided by a Swedish Massage, or request a more intense and therapeutic experience, such as that provided by a Trigger Point massage, our specially trained and licensed massage therapists will tailor the massage experience to target specific conditions and individual comfort levels.

What Happens During a Massage Session?

Massage therapists will work with you to find the most comfortable situation for your massage session. Most styles of massage work best with maximized skin to skin contact between the massage therapist's hands and the client's body. However, it is most important for clients to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Massages last from 30-90 minutes and will usually take place using a specialized massage table. It is important that clients communicate areas of weakness, pain, underlying health conditions, or even their current state of mind so massage therapists can choreograph a massagesession tailored towards ultimate health and healing.

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