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Print Share Size small medium Doctors Worried About Travolta Pregnancy Risks

As John Travolta and Kelly Preston celebrate her pregnancy at age 47, Dr. Gulati warns about the risks.

Dr. Gulati told that "Women past the age of 35 may have increased risk of Down syndrome. About 1 in 100 for women in their 40s compare to 1 in 1,400 for women in their 20s."

Dr. Gulati goes on to say "Older moms-to-be may also have increased risk of health problems such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. But the good news is that now, more than ever, we have the scientific technology and research data to be able to support pregnant women of any age. All women should work with their doctor or midwife to ensure they are getting the pre-natal care that supports both mother and fetus at any age."

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Medical Director
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