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Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical Hormones—An Overview  FAQ

Many women may consider receiving hormone replacement therapy as a treatment to ease many symptoms of menopause, which could be mood swings, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness.

BHRT bio-identical hormone replacement therapy also helps with brittle bones and heart disease.

Bio-identical hormones are made from plant sources instead of animals or synthetic sources.

BHRT can help most women who suffer from unbalanced hormones issues feel let themselves once again.

Here at Patients Medical, we treat each patient as an individual no two patients receive the same treatment please read a bioidentical hormone case study below for one of our patients.

Vanessa A. 54 a school teacher from New Jersey was desperate to feel like herself again. She had developed some serious health challenges. She had wild mood swings, frequent headaches, cold and clammy feet alone with hot flashes and night sweats. She asked herself what in the world is going on with my body. Vanessa began to become very depressed and had panic attacks, she would yell at her husband and did not want to be touch at all.

Vanessa came to the conclusion that whatever was wrong with her was wreaking havoc on her body and mind and she had to find help. Vanessa asked around and one of her friends recommended Patients Medical Holistic Center the oldest holistic center in New York. It’s run by Dr. Gulati, a very famous Holistic Doctor. Dr. Gulatti is a Board Certified Holistic Internal Medicine Practitioner with two MD's - one each in Internal Medicine and Pathology. Dr. Gulatti has over 20 years of medical experience and has hospital privileges at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

After Vanessa did her homework on Patients Medical Holistic Center and Dr. Gulatti she was impressed and decided to give Dr. Gulatti a call. She was quickly given an appointment to come in. Vanessa sat down over 1 hour with Dr. Guatti. After the consultation, Dr. Gulatti suspected Vanessa hormone levels were off. Vanessa did have a lot of questions for Dr. Guatti as she did her homework on BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy).

Vanessa wanted to know:

  • Celebrities who use bioidentical hormones
  • Do bioidentical hormones cause acne
  • Do bioidentical hormones cause blood clots
  • Do bioidentical hormones cause breast cancer
  • Do bioidentical hormones have side effects
  • Do bioidentical hormones help with anxiety
  • Do bioidentical hormones help wrinkles
  • Do bioidentical hormones increase cancer risk
  • Do bioidentical hormones work
  • How long has doctor Gulatti practice bioidentical hormone replacement

Along with some other questions too, Dr. Gulatti was happy to sit down with Vanessa and answer all of her questions and assured her bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women was safe as Dr. Gulatti have work with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for years, Vanessa felt she was in good hands.

Dr. Gulatti ordered some deep level hormone testing for Vanessa so she could get to the root cause of the problem. Vanessa did blood and urine work and made another appointment for next week.

To learn more about Patients Medical deep hormone level testing please visit here (Hormone Level Testing).

On Vanessa next visit Dr. Gulatti went over all the test result with Vanessa. Her results showed that her hormone level was way off. Vanessa's body was metabolizing estrogen very poorly and wreaking havoc on her body and mind. Dr. Gulatti quickly places Vanessa on BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy), IV protocol dips for low vitamin deficiencies and a handful of pharmaceutical grade supplements that only could be purchased from a doctor.

Vanessa was very happy to find out that her insurance covered a good amount of her test cost. Vanessa began to quickly feel better and her condition was stabilized. She was able to once again feel like her old self! Let’s hear Vanessa in her own words from a review she made about Patients Medical and Dr. Gulatti.

Vanessa A. "Patients Medical has truly altered my life and are assisting me with the health challenges that I am currently faced with. It was through their deep level hormone tests that I learned that I was metabolizing estrogen very poorly which has been wreaking havoc in my body. With their help, I have been able to stabilize my condition. If I hadn't come across Patients Medical...I am convinced that I would truly be in a disastrous place regarding my health right about now. I have learned so much through their guidance and care and I can't say enough about their staff, (particularly their nurses who take care of me when I go in for my blood work and IV protocols). What an exemplary clinic and I recommend them without reservation. They have absolutely changed my life for the better and I thank my lucky stars for having discovered them."

Thank You, Vanessa, it was our pleasure to have you as a patient. Here at Patients Medical, we believe in working to identify the root cause of your medical problem so we can eliminate it forever (if possible) from your body. Our physicians combine the best of conventional and holistic medicine with state of the art equipment to provide comprehensive care and treatment to their patients.

Some impatient patients in the past have complained that our exams or consultations take too long, our test cost too much or our pharmaceutical grade supplements cost too much. If you are looking for the usually 7-minute quick exam with a quick prescription of magic pills then Patients Medical may not be the right fit for you. We care about finding the root and cause of your problem we don’t treat symptoms we treat the whole body and the root of the cause. Doctors at Patient Medical will always make a plan of action just for YOU we never treat two patients the same.

We now have cutting-edge breakthrough Genetic DNA Testing available to address many of your health issues. Contact us to learn more about Genetic DNA testing so we can design a unique wellness plan just for you. Read more about our Genetic DNA Testing here.

by Rashmi Gulati, MD

Dr. Rashmi Gulati

What many patients are surprised to learn is that all of the below are classic signs of hormonal imbalance—and yet all can be treated safely and effectively at Patients Medical, where we specialize in bringing your hormones back into sync with bioidentical hormone therapy and other natural interventions.

Do you...

  • ...Have irregular periods or heavy bleeding?
  • ...Suffer mood swings, irritability, or worsening PMS?
  • ...Experience anxiety, depression, or panic attacks?
  • ...Struggle with hot flashes or night sweats?
  • ...Lie awake half the night, then feel exhausted and like you have brain fog the next day?
  • ...Find it difficult to maintain a healthy weight (no matter what you eat)?
  • ...Wish you had fewer wrinkles and a smoother complexion?
  • ...Develop frequent headaches
  • ...Respond poorly to stressful situations?
  • ...Worry about your low libido?

Today there's a lively and ongoing debate surrounding bioidentical hormones. Suzanne Somers has long been an advocate, authoring several books about her wellness journey that tout their benefits. Even Oprah has become a believer, frequently featuring the topic on her show, and inviting such notable guest experts as Christiane Northrup, MD and Lauren Streicher, MD.

But why all the controversy? What exactly are hormones, and is it safe to replace them? How is a synthetic hormone any different from a bioidentical one? Why is hormonal balance all that important to wellness? And if it is, what is the best way to achieve it?

If you're curious about hormones, you are in the right place. Patients Medical has a wealth of experience in addressing our patients' questions and concerns about their hormones. Let's take a closer look at hormones, and how balancing them holds the key to unlocking long-term health and wellness.

Many of our physiological processes are regulated and mediated by an elegant but complex,interconnected network of hormones and signaling pathways known as our endocrine system. Should these pathways be perturbed by the effect of our modern lifestyle, aging, disease, or medical treatments, then hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be recommended to reset the system, rebalance the body's chemistry, eliminate symptoms, or reduce the risk of developing complications.

Although some naturally derived hormones are in use today, the vast majority of patients are still being treated with manufactured hormones that are not bioidentical. Both types of hormone molecules are chemically synthesized and purified in laboratories, allowing dosages to be standardized. But most drug companies design synthetic hormones to have subtle structural differences from natural hormones. Biological molecules cannot be patented, so some aspect of their structure or delivery must be changed in order for drug companies to patent and profit from distribution of the hormone product. The alterations are typically made to portions of the hormones deemed unimportant to their function. Some hormones used in replacement therapies are instead derived from animal tissues and product, then chemically modified.

In contrast, "bioidentical" hormones are synthesized such that they are structurally identical to their natural counterparts. Thus, these hormones offer the efficacy of manufactured hormones but with the advantage of being identical, at a molecular level, to what the body would normally produce. For these reasons, bioidentical hormones potentially offer the safest, most natural options for those undergoing hormone replacement therapies.

While perimenopause is a normal body transition for women, it can sometimes be fraught with physical and emotional struggles, and with very complicated symptoms, some of which may be confounding others. At Patients Medical, hormonal imbalance is our number-one health specialty priority. Dr. Rashmi Gulati devotes a considerable portion of her practice to interacting with women who seek relief from the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Every woman deserves to know what it feels like to be healthy and hormonally balanced—and to enjoy life fully—no matter what her age.

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