Perscription Drug Optimization Therapy

Perscription Drug Optimization Therapy

Prescription Drug Optimization Therapy

We very concerned by the inflated price of drugs and truly saddened that correctly prescribed FDA approved drugs are now the 4th leading cause of death in America. These are some of the reasons we began this practice 40 years ago.

"Detoxification" is a term commonly used in Natural types of medicine. For example, Naturopathic medicine employs various forms of detoxification, such as liver or colon cleansing. Eastern Medicine uses acupuncture and herbal detoxification methods for physical or emotional detoxification. There is also entire subspecialty of European Homeopathy that bases treatment on metabolic detoxification. In each case, the term "toxicosis" is used to describe the underlying fundamental disturbance in health.

The term "toxin" is derived from the Greek word toxikon, which means poison. Webster's dictionary defines "poison" as "a substance, usually a drug, that can cause illness or death in relatively small amounts," but Webster goes on to say that a poison is also "anything that is harmful or destructive to well-being, welfare or happiness." A fundamental concept of Homeopathic Integrative health care is Terrain therapy. The Body's Terrain can be compared to the "Soil" in which any and all disease takes Root. Conventional medicine treats disease after it occurs. Likewise, Homeopathy can treat diseases, but also focuses on keeping the "Terrain" or "Soil" the disease takes "root in" as healthy and resistant as possible. This is why Homeopathic therapy includes several methods of detoxification. The basic idea of detoxification methods being prevention is better than cure. This goal is accomplished by keeping the Terrain as free from toxins as possible.

Toxin exposure is increasingly common in modern society. For example, the U.S. E.P.A. recently named mercury as the most toxic, non-radioactive substance in existence, and yet Mercury is the main preservative used in childrens vaccines. Because of recent revelations about the extreme toxicity from collective mercury exposure due to the total vaccine exposure the FDA is finally taking action to remove mercury from vaccines. Many people also have mercury dental fillings. Scientific research conducted by two major Universities has recently related mercury dental fillings to Alzheimer's syndrome.  

A federal class action suit has also been filed over the toxicity of mercury dental fillings and the legislature of Maine is considering a ban on the use of mercury fillings. Mercury is just one of thousands of environmental toxins that may be the underlying cause for many of todays "scientifically unexplained" diseases.

The terms "Toxicity" and "Toxicosis" are used in Homeopathic Integrative therapy to indicate a number of different diseases or syndromes, but with a common underlying cause or potentiating factor. For example, a clinical state of "Toxicosis" is usually the underlying reason that most other therapies fail, whether natural and conventional. Subliminal but dys-regulatory levels of environmental toxins are common in our experience here at our Center. The most important part of making this diagnosis is to think of it. Most practitioners simply overlook simple explanations because of specialization and professional tunnel vision. They are skilled and experienced in the "Science" of medical practice, but woefully deficient in the "Art."

Homeopathic Integrative practice is simply an expansion of Medical Art... and what science fails to explain, Clinical Art must still remedy.

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